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Going back to World Water Week conference in Stockholm

Diana Virgovicova Aug 18, 2023

At Xatoms, we're beyond excited to share our recent experience at the World Water Week conference in Stockholm, Sweden—a defining moment in our journey and a dream come true! ✨

Last month, I had the incredible opportunity to be the youngest speaker at this prestigious event. 🌍 💧 To be part of a conference attended by Princess Victoria was, without doubt, a career highlight.

It was here, in the heart of environmental discourse, that I presented our climate tech water research, a groundbreaking blend of #quantum chemistry and #AI. This journey, which began when I was just 17, has now taken the global stage, showcasing the innovative strides we're making at Xatoms.

Flashback to 2019, a landmark year for me, as I received a Diploma of Excellence from Princess Victoria herself for my research. Fast forward to today, and there I was, presenting that very research to an international audience, demonstrating how far we've come and the impact we're aiming to make.

The conference also offered an incredible platform to collaborate with brilliant engineers and entrepreneurs. Their diverse solutions range from cost-effective water filters designed for remote African communities to essential health kits supporting girls during menstruation in unsanitary conditions. These collaborations are more than just meetings; they're a unification of minds dedicated to solving critical issues of clean water access and pollution in regions like Africa, India, and South America.

Looking back at World Water Week, hosted by the Stockholm International Water Institute and graced by the presence of the Swedish Royal Family, it's humbling to see how far Xatoms has come. From receiving a prestigious award in 2019 for my discovery in the water cleaning sector using quantum chemistry software, to returning as a speaker this year, has been a journey full of growth, challenges, and inspiration.

This opportunity to speak at World Water Week wasn't just a personal achievement. It symbolizes Xatoms' commitment to leading the charge in climate-related ventures. We’re here to inspire and empower the next generation of climate tech startup builders to enact change. 🌍🌱

Our participation in the conference reaffirms our resolve to continue pushing the boundaries in water purification technology and to keep striving for a sustainable future. Stay tuned for more updates as Xatoms leads the way in climate tech and clean water solutions!

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