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Our First Ever TEDx Talk!

Diana Virgovicova Nov 28, 2023

We at Xatoms are thrilled to share that our CEO recently delivered her first-ever TEDx talk, titled "Quantum Computing and AI: A Solution to Water Pollution and Equity." This marks a significant milestone in her journey as a pioneering female entrepreneur and a testament to the impactful work we're doing at Xatoms.

In her talk, delivered to an engaged audience in Toronto, she shared her personal and professional journey, beginning with her initial water research and leading up to her current groundbreaking work at Xatoms. The talk delved into how our company leverages AI and quantum computing to tackle the critical issue of accessible drinking water, a challenge that demands global attention and action.

She also highlighted the significant support and recognition our company has received, including the backing from the founder of Reddit and our acceptance into the prestigious 776 Foundation Fellowship. Furthermore, she touched upon her role as a Water Ambassador at Wavemakers United, underscoring her commitment to raising awareness and driving change in water sustainability.

What stood out most in her TEDx talk was the emphasis on inspiring young people, especially girls, to pursue ambitious goals. Her own journey, overcoming language barriers and presenting her innovative work on an international stage, serves as a powerful example of what determination and perseverance can achieve.

Post-talk, many attendees approached her, seeking mentorship and advice, or shared their aspirations and apprehensions about starting their own ventures. Her experience, now shared on the TEDx stage, reinforces the message that with hard work and resilience, anything is achievable.

As we reflect on this monumental achievement, we're filled with excitement for the future. Her TEDx talk is not just a personal accomplishment but a beacon of hope and inspiration for anyone dreaming big, especially in the realms of quantum computing, AI, and environmental impact. Stay tuned as we continue our journey at Xatoms, where we're committed to pioneering solutions for a sustainable world.

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