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Xatoms invited to speak at UN for New York Climate Week

Diana Virgovicova Sep 22, 2023

At Xatoms, we're thrilled to share the inspiring journey of our time at New York Climate Week, an experience that goes beyond just an event participation – it's a story of determination, innovation, and breaking barriers.

The week was a turning point, especially as Alexis Ohanian Sr., founder of Reddit and 776 Foundation, invested in our vision with a $100,000 climate grant. This funding wasn't just financial support; it was a statement of belief in our mission to build a climate tech startup and a testament to the power of perseverance.

Growing up in a small town in Slovakia, the path to becoming a woman in tech was not a straightforward one. It was a world where dreams were often subdued rather than encouraged. Despite the odds, I learned early on the importance of pushing boundaries and believing in my capabilities. This journey has taught me a valuable lesson – everyone, regardless of their background, holds the potential to achieve greatness. This message resonates with every girl and woman who dares to dream.

Children around the world often find their aspirations limited by their circumstances. But for me, perseverance and creativity were the beacons that guided me. I chose to challenge conventions instead of yielding to them. Had I succumbed to societal expectations or others’ judgments, I would never have ventured beyond the confines of my hometown. Instead, I pursued my unique passions and ideas.

Stepping away from the familiar path was daunting, but it revealed a profound truth: we all possess the innate ability to accomplish remarkable feats.

This week at the UN, advocating for water rights, I stood not just as the girl from Slovakia, but as a founder, a global traveler, and a dreamer who believes in making a difference. Our time at New York Climate Week wasn't just about sharing the groundbreaking work of Xatoms; it was a celebration of daring to dream and the relentless pursuit of those dreams. It's a journey that reinforces our commitment at Xatoms to innovate, inspire, and contribute significantly to global water sustainability. We are more than just a startup; we are a symbol of hope and resilience in the face of challenges. Stay tuned as we continue to dream big and create impactful solutions for a better world.

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