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Xatoms joins 776 Foundation!

Diana Virgovicova Jun 22, 2023

We at Xatoms are excited to announce a monumental achievement in our journey: the acquisition of the esteemed 776 Climate Fellowship. This prestigious recognition, envisioned by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian Sr. and meticulously orchestrated by the adept 776 Foundation team, including Elisabeth Garvin, underlines our commitment to environmental innovation and sustainability.

Annually, the 776 Climate Fellowship distinguishes 20 extraordinary global entrepreneurs, bestowing upon each a grant of USD 100,000. This grant is a catalyst, accelerating our mission to forge companies that not only impact the planet positively but also pioneer solutions to some of the most pressing global challenges. 🌍

Joining this elite cadre of changemakers is more than an honor—it's a testament to the resilience and ingenuity that embody Xatoms. Our roots trace back to a humble Slovakian town, nurtured by the strength of a single parent's love and determination.

Our commitment to combating environmental crises was sparked by an eye-opening excursion to India. There, the harrowing plight of polluted rivers moved us to action. Utilizing quantum chemistry software at the young age of 17, we made groundbreaking discoveries in photocatalyst molecules—a feat that garnered recognition from Princess Victoria of Sweden and led to a full scholarship for computer engineering studies in Canada.

Today, as 776 Climate Fellowship recipients, we stand on the cusp of untold possibilities and future collaborations. This accolade marks the commencement of a remarkable chapter for Xatoms. We look forward to melding minds with fellow innovators, collectively spearheading efforts to craft a more sustainable and equitable world.

This journey is more than just a venture into uncharted technological advancements; it's a promise to future generations that innovation and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we continue to navigate this extraordinary voyage towards a brighter, greener future.

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